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All The BioLab products have been tested and used by highly respected surgeons and medical professionals.

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The design of each item has been specifically calculated to offer maximum comfort and support to patients recovering from surgery or an injury. Research shows that when limbs are kept still during the recovery phase of an injury, the healing time can be significantly reduced.


All The BioLab products are made using fabric that is clinically tested, reusable, fire retardant, waterproof, airtight and anti-static. The fabric is completely waterproof and airtight, ensuring a hygienic product with multiple capabilities in the medical environment.


Through the use of a patented vacuum system combined with superior quality recovery foam, all the products can be reduced significantly in size. This means less space is needed to store these items.


Products are suitable for use in theatre, sports medicine, orthopaedic procedures, emergency rescue, trauma, wound dressing, frail care for the elderly and post-operative or injury related use. Our anti-static intra-operative products are ultra-sonically tape sealed with a strong, durable, tight fit cover to avoid any skin irritation that may be caused by seams.

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The BioLab was founded in March 2012. Our product range was developed in order to meet the demand for high-quality, functional medical devices, which aid in supporting and positioning the patient while undergoing surgery, postsurgical recovery and recovery from injury. They were specifically designed in conjunction with specialist medical practitioners to promote fast, effective, safe and a comfortable recovery.

The products can be used in any form of recovery and support including; recovery in the hospital bed following general or orthopaedic surgery, frail care in homes for the aged, sporting injuries, Emergency Response (ER) units, support for the terminally ill, and military or mining medical care for individuals who have suffered amputation/s.

The BioLab supplies:

  • A clinical anti-static intra-operative range
  • A post-operative range
  • A new splint/cast concept, which immobilises and protects the limbs of patients

Our innovation at The BioLab is the unique contoured design of all our products in the range, for the correct support and elevation of the round-shaped limb in a comfortable and stable position.

the team

Rachel Rossouw
Rachel Rossouw

After graduating with a law degree, Rachel pursued a very different route and decided to follow her entrepreneurial instinct, developing 3 highly successful companies over the course of 15 years, starting in 1997.

In 2012, Rachel established The BioLab, which has since become her primary focus, driven by a passion for helping people and developing new innovations.

With dedication, discipline, strong work ethic and a passion for medical innovations, she identified opportunities in the medical field, which she then decided to pursue and further develop. With the end goal of making a difference in patients’ lives by improving the healthcare they receive, the "in-theatre" and "post-op" ranges were developed by The BioLab team. Rachel and the team identified the need to instantly brace and stabilise patients who have experienced immense trauma to any limb, which led to the development of The BioLab’s innovative splinting cast, and as they say; the rest is history.

John de Beer
John de Beer
orthopaedic consultant

John has been involved as an Orthopaedic Consultant for The BioLab since its inception.

After qualifying as an Orthopaedic Surgeon from the Nelson Mandela School of Medicine, John gained experience in the United Kingdom where he completed fellowships in hip and knee arthroplasty. He has been in private practice for the last 11 years with a focus on hip and knee surgery.

John developed a keen interest in the novel field of hip arthroscopy and hip preservation surgery, and has been awarded a fellowship by the International Society of Hip Arthroscopy. He has been elected as President of the South African Society of Hip Arthroscopy and Preservation Surgery.

Since 2005 John has accompanied The Gift of the Givers humanitarian aid organisation on nine disaster relief missions around the globe. Missions included the Haiti earthquake, the typhoon in the Philippines, the wars in Gaza and Syria and several others.

Adele Bekker
Adéle Bekker
design consultant

Adéle qualified as a Paediatrician from the Nelson Mandela School of Medicine, and was awarded the Leslie Rabinowitz and the Robert McDonald Medals of distinction by the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa during her training.

After gaining experience in the United Kingdom, Adéle continued her career in the state sector and exited from there as Head of Department of a regional hospital. She worked for several years in private practice, and continued as an honorary lecturer at the Nelson Mandela School of Medicine for some time.

As a mother of four, Adéle felt the need to devote more time to her family. She now offers a part-time practice management service and is involved with medical design and development.


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