boot inserts
boot inserts
boot inserts
boot inserts

boot inserts


Soft and flexible, hypoallergenic, Polyurethane foam, boot inserts.

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6 mm thick closed cell padding. Covered with a flat woven fabric. The fabric is finished with a combination of Silver Plus anti-microbial and water repellent products. It is designed in the shape of a boot to fit securely over the foot of the patient, fastened with velcro. The Boot Inserts protect the patient’s feet during the traction process. The Boot Inserts can be washed for multiple-use purposes.

This product can sustain the rubber cycle autoclave procedure, which is ideal for multiple client use. This high quality medical device is environmentally friendly, controls cross infection and makes it easy to perform the surgical procedure.
  • Protects the patient’s feet and skin
  • Product can be sterilised
  • Product has multiple uses
  • Eliminates possibilities of cross infection
  • Lightweight

Fasten, step by step, the velcro straps of the Boot Inserts onto the patient’s feet to protect the patient’s feet during the traction process.
Polyurethane flexible foam (PUR). According to REACH Regulation (EU Regulation 1907/2006EC)
Polyurethane foams have to be considered as ‘articles’. They are identified as industrial polymers. Polyurethane foams are not considered to be hazardous products, nor as preparations of dangerous substances.

Two-way stretch (less risk of pressure sores)
Waterproof (protection of the underlying cushion)
Impermeable to blood, urine (protection of the underlying cushion from fluid ingress and consequent deterioration of the cushion core)
Breathable (approximately 500g/m²/24h at 37°C/65% R.H. inverted cup method)
Disinfectable textile by just wiping the surface
Washable up to 40°C (reusable)
Tumbler resistant (low heat)
Flame retardant to BS7175 Crib 5 and X-ray transparent
Anti-static to BS2050 (operation theatres)
Medical-grade, vacuum pressure valve.
Commercial product name: Chirulen 1020.
These products are ‘articles’ according to the Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH)
Manufactured out of:
Body and Moving Parts: Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (PE-UHMW)                
CAS number: 9002-88-4
O-Rings: Polybutadiene acrylonitrile rubber (nitrile rubber)
CAS number: 9005-98-5